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Friday, October 8, 2010

after party (read as: "after-being-hospitalized" party)

this is going to be a very late post already (blame it on the procrastinator in me hehe). i wasn't able to enjoy this year's Sinulog because i was diagnosed with amoebiasis. I don't know where i've got that bacteria but one thing's for sure i got pissed because it stopped me from enjoying the city's party. i stayed in the hospital for like a week and the telly's remote control was my only bestfriend. (i am just exaggerating, my bestfriend visited me though)

moving on, while i was lying there on that bed, i promised myself an after party. i was thinking , i need to celebrate life as i am still alive (but at the back of my mind i know i was just looking for some excuse: and in this case it was soooo damn lame hahaha). sinulog night came and friends bombarded me with text messages on how they've enjoyed the night. i envied them :(

and so... after a week of medication, 13 bags of IV fluids, non-stop blood pressure tests and monitored temperature & stool... time for revenge (should i type in: wicked laugh? i did anyways)

we went to pipeline for some chillaxin' night. I had my first taste of GPS & we enjoyed the food and the night as well.

*my tagay :)

* ice cold beers

* pipeline's gambas (quite salty though but still great)

*pipe's chiken buffalo wings (this one's amazing 2 thumbs up)

*pipe's onion rings (one of my favorites)

* with friends

Pipeline Cebu located @ 479-E Archbishop Reyes Ave. Cebu 6000