"Nothing last forever...so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off and avoid the bullshits."

Saturday, December 29, 2007


i hate it when someone is mad at me or who happens to hate me for who i am...but who the hell cares anyways. am not that mean and didn't cause any trouble to anyone...am just being me and if ever i did ruin a single moment of their precious life...well im sorry. was it my fault if they don't like me at all? who are they to judge me? i know i'm not perfect and i don't claim to be. I keep my profile public so my haters can check up on me.

You may hate all you want but you can't break this ice inside of me. I think if i were you i'd probably hate me too. (kidding)


Thursday, December 6, 2007


I was on a bus about 6:20 pm yesterday, a very loud radio has been turned on and a dj on a very popular station was blabbing about something, until i heard him said "since there are only 21 days left before christmas then I am going to play a christmas song". Christmas song indeed, it was Fruitcake by Eraserheads.Wow, it was like I am in another place in time...back when I was still young, when painful heartaches are just part of my nightmare and didn't really exist in real life. I just love those days, where I could play all day and didn't have to think of what am I going to eat for dinner or if someones mad at me. I guess I have grown a lot these past years, but i didn't grow older...only wiser, though I still act childish at times, well may be it is because of the fact that I wanted to be a child again. i love my childhood years, those were the years spent playing, learning and growing. I have all of these thoughts in mind as Ely keeps on singing on the background.

Take a bite it's alright. There's some brandy and star margarine to make it bright. Take a bite it's alright. A little lovin' and some fruit to bake, Life is a piece of cake. - Ely of E'heads