"Nothing last forever...so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off and avoid the bullshits."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

how i became 'ME'

way back when i was still in college i worked as a library assistant in a known university here in cebu. i was assigned at the graduate school lib where most of the people are grown ups and they were already in the so called serious phase of life. it was boring me to death so when i'm not reading criminal books, i used to chat with my co-workers and would tell them stories about how i became ME...

one of my co-worker whom i considered to be my dearest friend, her name is ladin(i used to call her my motherfucker. simply because she's older than me and though she's not a fucker i just love to call her 'ma'. we just can't stop laughing regarding this issue). we've been together for lots of years already and since she already heard all of my stories she decided to make it short so people will not get bored hearing/reading it. so here it is, my story as told by my mother-fucker. (hehe).

Long time ago, there live a beautiful & sexy princess name Mayang, who turned into a cute & ferocious yet sweet baby red dragon. She spent most of her time playin', until 1 day she accidentally burned herself while practicin' her fire-breathin' skill. She died and became an angel. For many centuries she live happily in heaven. But the story doesn't end there. She fell down from heaven hanged by a tree, she broke her wings. From being an angel she transformed into an immortal. An unknown species havin' an everlasting life. Who rocked the world with no reason yet touched the heart of every human being around her....hmmmm....the end?**********