"Nothing last forever...so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off and avoid the bullshits."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

my take on hayden kho - katrina halili scandal

hmmm my opinion on this very controversial issue does not matter and i don't give a shit anyway or may be i do (not sure...hahaha). everything's done and all they could do now is to regain back the dignity they once have. does crying on tv helps? don't know for i haven't tried it yet. but if i were to put myself on the victim's shoes, one of the things that i would do (maybe, as i'm not quite sure yet) is to hire someone who would kill that jerk (this is me thinking evil thoughts hahaha...this is me just kidding).

i haven't seen it on tv but my mom said that hayden was interviewed and he asked for forgiveness as he didn't know that it's a crime and it's going to lead into this f*cking mess. i myself can forgive easily, most specially if the one at fault sincerely ask for forgiveness. hovewer, if my naked arse has already been viewed by millions then i guess that's another story...


Friday, May 22, 2009

rock and rollin' @ 2V

list of wishes for mah birthday, i know it's kinda late but it is still my month so i've created a list anyway (lol). this list has been running on my mind for weeks now and it is only today that i've got the chance to blog about it. intangible wishes: forgiveness. more strength. courage. be loved. other wishes: a small notebook and a multi-color pen (doodles). digicam. nintendo ds lite. shi tzu or a pomeranian puppy. a 5 inches chilean rose tarantula. an emperor scorpion.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

random list of best things in my life that are free

acceptance. second chances. real friends. family. hugs and kisses. joy brought by skittle (my pet) . smiles from the unknown. corny jokes from friends. doodling. being remembered by friends that i no longer see. singing in the shower. dancing in my room. the innocent look on lil' basty's face (my nephew). hearing my song being played on the radio. rest days. vacation leaves. kulitan. no OT's at work. ice creams from friends. slacking off with great budz. accepted apologies. 10 hours of sleep without nightmares. day dreaming. non-sense talks. being invisible. a shoulder to lean on. hope. sunshine. sunrise. sunset. rain. cool wind blowing on my face. fog. morning dews. rainbows. shooting star.