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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pinatikai: 2011


Friday, December 31, 2010

STK (Sugba-Tula-Kilaw)

I have been wanting to dine at "STK ta Bay" near Capitol from the day I have heard that they serve delectable sea foods like my all time favorite baked scallops. since then, i have been inviting friends and even pedor to join me in searching for that place (i actually don't know where it is located and i don't have a sense of direction so i don't wanna go own searching for that place on my own: alone). lucky for me, i didn't have to go on searching as my new team decided to dine at STK.

Truly, the dishes served were all scrumptious that I forgot my own name (me exaggerating) but seriously I was satisfied with the food. knowing that we didn't pay much for it but nevertheless it tasted so good. and the place is not your usual place too. they have lots of antiques and memorabilias on display. they even have signatures of famous people who visited and dined at the restaurant. Oh! I forgot to leave mine though...tsk tsk. and I love their restroom too :)

STK's fish fillet

Oops! i was so excited with STK's sea food dishes that i forgot that they serve other dishes too... my bad.

STK's deliciousness Crispy Pata

I am a "grilled-tuna" fan as well. and STK's tuna brought back childhood memories. I am a tuna eater since I was a kiddo. (sinugbang buntot and panga ng tuna are simply the best in davao - because i am not a durian eater hehe)

STK's grilled buntot ng Tuna

STK's grilled panga ng Tuna (after the ruckus lolz)

my all time favorite - STK's baked scallops

STK before the ruckus

We ordered their sizzling gambas and the "chicharon-like-but-not-so-chicharon" dish as well. The sizzling gambas is okay but the "chicharon-like-but-not-so-chicharon" dish is superb. forgive me for i don't know what it's called and too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of it. but i have mentally added it to my list of favorites :)

visit STK ta Bay! at #6 Orchid Street Capitol Site Cebu, Philippines, 6000


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

yet another birthday celeb

as usual this is a very late post... i just wanna write a post about how i celebrated my 23rd errmm 24th birthday this year. funny as it may seem but honestly i still feel like im 16 hehe. going back, may 18th: pedor & i just had a simple dinner at Shakeys (The Walk, IT Park). Why? Because we had work on that day. But nevertheless, i enjoyed it. I love Shakeys. I'm just so addicted to their pastas and mojos. and I love them more because they treated me with a sundae with all the works (chocolate syrup & cherry). however, i secretly informed the waitress who assisted us that im allergic to birthday songs. im afraid the whole crew might sing a song and we might draw other people's attention. pedor and i are suckers for anonymity or whatever you call it :)

Shakey's Sundae with chocolate syrup and a cherry on top

who would have thought that this year I would have a post birthday celebration (blame it on our working schedule). we celebrated it at Gimik KTV bar at Paseo, Mabolo. few friends came and we enjoyed a night of beers, sisig and a surprise likeness to Gimik's pancit canton and pancit guisado. what's a birthday without the usual "happy birthday pansit". Gimik's pancit surprised us because it cost less but it tasted so good. One can order a plate of pancit canton or pansit guisado for around 70 to 80 pesos only.

Gimik's Pancit Canton

Same dish (wasn't able to take a picture of their pancit guisado)

friends who came

twisted mind - the team that was (miss this team)

the next day, after the party pedor & i headed to Matias in AS Fortuna for their talked about balbacua. Balbacua is a beef stew, as far as i know it is composed of beef skin, tenderloin and other internal organs which i am not familiar of. i have this male palate in me that's why im drawn to these kind of dishes just like soup number 5 or lansiao as what they usually call it. going back, this balbacua in Matias is on the top of my "male favourite dishes" list (yeah i have that list lol). i don't know what are the ingredients on their balbacua but i'm guessing that there's curry on it and i haven't tasted it in other balbacua sellers (i don't even know what to call them hehe). to sum it up, this sticky soup made a great ending to this year's birthday celeb.

Balbacua - Matias, AS Fortuna


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wicked trip

Summer of '10, pedor & i went to siquijor for our summer getaway and to celebrate my birthday. that was my second time to visit siquijor. the first time i had been there was when i was still in college. it was pedor's first though. we had spent 2 nights and 3 days in there and the experience was wickedly outrageous (translated as: awesome).

Justify Full (siquijor, siquijor - view at the pier)

We stayed at hotel Agripino. it is actually a government owned and managed hotel. we had a clean room with hot and cold shower for only P800 per night. and if you are on a budget you can just rent a tent for like P200 and you can set it up near the beach. the place is great for backpackers. They have their own restaurant as well and they serve food and drinks until 9 pm.

(Hotel Agripino)
(the road going to the hotel)

On our second day we tour the island and it only cost us around P750 which was not bad at all. manong driver was our tour guide but i forgot his name. first stop: cambugahay falls.

(cambugahay falls with pedor...manong driver took this picture)

(don't go chasing waterfalls...lol)

Then we went to Maria to visit its famous Capilay Spring Park. we also stopped at Castaways beach cafe (still in Maria) 'coz i needed to pee and pedor had a bottle of coke. just in front of castaways is a beach with crystal clear water so i took some pictures too :)

(capilay spring park, maria siquijor)

(castaways beach cafe, just across capilay spring park...if i'm not mistaken hehe)

(public beach in front of castaways beach cafe)

then we went to coco grove beach resort and then headed to coral cay resort where i took a dip and pedor took pictures. and lastly we visited siquijor's famous 400 year 0ld balete tree.

(inside coco grove beach resort)

(still inside coco grove, i took this picture and i soooo love it)
(pedor's version)

(i was aiming for the parrot on this picture but the parrot was camera shy and pedor isn't so i took a pic of him instead lol)

(pedor's blurry shot at coral cay beach resort, san juan siquijor)

(clear blue sky at coral cay; pedor's shot)

( i took this pic)

(Lazi's 400 year old balete tree)


Friday, October 8, 2010

after party (read as: "after-being-hospitalized" party)

this is going to be a very late post already (blame it on the procrastinator in me hehe). i wasn't able to enjoy this year's Sinulog because i was diagnosed with amoebiasis. I don't know where i've got that bacteria but one thing's for sure i got pissed because it stopped me from enjoying the city's party. i stayed in the hospital for like a week and the telly's remote control was my only bestfriend. (i am just exaggerating, my bestfriend visited me though)

moving on, while i was lying there on that bed, i promised myself an after party. i was thinking , i need to celebrate life as i am still alive (but at the back of my mind i know i was just looking for some excuse: and in this case it was soooo damn lame hahaha). sinulog night came and friends bombarded me with text messages on how they've enjoyed the night. i envied them :(

and so... after a week of medication, 13 bags of IV fluids, non-stop blood pressure tests and monitored temperature & stool... time for revenge (should i type in: wicked laugh? i did anyways)

we went to pipeline for some chillaxin' night. I had my first taste of GPS & we enjoyed the food and the night as well.

*my tagay :)

* ice cold beers

* pipeline's gambas (quite salty though but still great)

*pipe's chiken buffalo wings (this one's amazing 2 thumbs up)

*pipe's onion rings (one of my favorites)

* with friends

Pipeline Cebu located @ 479-E Archbishop Reyes Ave. Cebu 6000


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

random happenings

it's been almost 5 months since the last time that i posted something on this blog. a lot of things had happened. i left my previous company, pedor & i went to siquijor for my birthday celebration/our summer getaway, i transferred to another company, i am no longer taking calls, i have watched a movie alone, i have learned to love korean food, i've met new people, i've already talked to people whom i haven't talked to before, i've been to STK, discovered new food from different restaurants, learned that i will never get to love kimchi, my friend ladin already gave birth to a baby boy, experienced going on SL & VL with my new company, finally got to spend time with au2x, learned a lot of new things from an ISP's point of view, just had a new LCD monitor (yey), went back to dumaguete for team's teambuilding, visited apo island and soooooo much more.