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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

yet another birthday celeb

as usual this is a very late post... i just wanna write a post about how i celebrated my 23rd errmm 24th birthday this year. funny as it may seem but honestly i still feel like im 16 hehe. going back, may 18th: pedor & i just had a simple dinner at Shakeys (The Walk, IT Park). Why? Because we had work on that day. But nevertheless, i enjoyed it. I love Shakeys. I'm just so addicted to their pastas and mojos. and I love them more because they treated me with a sundae with all the works (chocolate syrup & cherry). however, i secretly informed the waitress who assisted us that im allergic to birthday songs. im afraid the whole crew might sing a song and we might draw other people's attention. pedor and i are suckers for anonymity or whatever you call it :)

Shakey's Sundae with chocolate syrup and a cherry on top

who would have thought that this year I would have a post birthday celebration (blame it on our working schedule). we celebrated it at Gimik KTV bar at Paseo, Mabolo. few friends came and we enjoyed a night of beers, sisig and a surprise likeness to Gimik's pancit canton and pancit guisado. what's a birthday without the usual "happy birthday pansit". Gimik's pancit surprised us because it cost less but it tasted so good. One can order a plate of pancit canton or pansit guisado for around 70 to 80 pesos only.

Gimik's Pancit Canton

Same dish (wasn't able to take a picture of their pancit guisado)

friends who came

twisted mind - the team that was (miss this team)

the next day, after the party pedor & i headed to Matias in AS Fortuna for their talked about balbacua. Balbacua is a beef stew, as far as i know it is composed of beef skin, tenderloin and other internal organs which i am not familiar of. i have this male palate in me that's why im drawn to these kind of dishes just like soup number 5 or lansiao as what they usually call it. going back, this balbacua in Matias is on the top of my "male favourite dishes" list (yeah i have that list lol). i don't know what are the ingredients on their balbacua but i'm guessing that there's curry on it and i haven't tasted it in other balbacua sellers (i don't even know what to call them hehe). to sum it up, this sticky soup made a great ending to this year's birthday celeb.

Balbacua - Matias, AS Fortuna