"Nothing last forever...so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off and avoid the bullshits."

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 - it felt like I've been through a hurricane this year and surprisingly i came out of it alive. i can no longer even recall how I've managed to stay alive and what motivates me to still hold on to the rope when my hands kept on slipping.

January - my first new year away from home and away from my family, quite sad but i'm with friends and we're definitely on the same boat. enjoyed watching fireworks display near it park in lahug.

February - received a dozen red roses which i don't need and chocolates too. been on a very complicated situation.

March - been receiving threats. been struggling to get out of the mess i've made.

April - stayed focus and reminded myself that the decisions I've made were the best, so i do not have to worry about anything else. met new interesting wacky people, said goodbye to some. found out that my ex-boyfriend who's close to my family just got a girl pregnant and he was force to marry her.

May - team building @ badian. enjoyed the summer heat. company summer outing, night out with my best buddies, and of course my birthday. shared a chocolate cake with the team since i was on duty. received a call from JC asking me to forget about the guy i've been eyeing. i didn't listen.

June - finally realized how in love i am to this guy who is beyond my reach. I've got the courage and told him about it. same month when i was rejected by the same guy. rejection hurts like hell. got so drunk in a bar with ladin, met a cool guy (5 feet, 9 inches tall, chinito, good family background, cute) who lent me his hanky while I've ejected all of the contents of my stomach through my mouth.

July - tried so hard to move on, entertained a suitor (the guy who lent me his hanky), party like hell.

August - got my new baby... a yin yang tattoo on my upper back. still partying like hell, experienced a riot with empty beer bottles flying through the air during one night out. rejected the guy who lent me his hanky. i don't wanna use him to move on because I'm still in love with the guy who rejected me.

September - family problems involving my sister.

October - been haunted by my past. cried a river and realized that it is not necessary to explain myself to other people because the person who likes me doesn't need it and the person who dislikes me wont believe it.

November - haven't move on a bit though i was told to do so. entertained some more suitors. party some more. been dancing like no one's watching.

December - complained about the w/tax that has been deducted to my 13-month pay. turn out it was due to the bonuses i've received through out the year. got someone to finally fix my eyebrows. bought a little black dress and heels for our company's red carpet theme xmas party. received an award from our company for being a tough agent (lol). bought a nice little dress from ukay2x (so so love it). i finally got to wear the tube dress that i bought last year. got a working pc at home with internet. finally gave up on entertaining suitors. still haven't move on, even a bit. still, so in love to this guy who makes fun of me whenever i get startled by something...

i've been a friend to those in need. gave advises when needed. a bitch to some. a woman who needs protection at times. a lady who's not afraid to be alone. a funny girl to many. to sum it up, it's indeed a very challenging year. just another year which proves that my life still suckz but it ain't that boring that i get to enjoy every minute of it.

au revoir 2008, hello 2009.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all i want for christmas

christmas, oh WTF! it is supposed to be my most favorite time of the year but not this year i guess. im f*cked up, so f*cked up that i just wanna skip the holiday season...just wanna sleep and hopefully wake up the next month. this time it really sucks and i hate it!