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Friday, December 31, 2010

STK (Sugba-Tula-Kilaw)

I have been wanting to dine at "STK ta Bay" near Capitol from the day I have heard that they serve delectable sea foods like my all time favorite baked scallops. since then, i have been inviting friends and even pedor to join me in searching for that place (i actually don't know where it is located and i don't have a sense of direction so i don't wanna go own searching for that place on my own: alone). lucky for me, i didn't have to go on searching as my new team decided to dine at STK.

Truly, the dishes served were all scrumptious that I forgot my own name (me exaggerating) but seriously I was satisfied with the food. knowing that we didn't pay much for it but nevertheless it tasted so good. and the place is not your usual place too. they have lots of antiques and memorabilias on display. they even have signatures of famous people who visited and dined at the restaurant. Oh! I forgot to leave mine though...tsk tsk. and I love their restroom too :)

STK's fish fillet

Oops! i was so excited with STK's sea food dishes that i forgot that they serve other dishes too... my bad.

STK's deliciousness Crispy Pata

I am a "grilled-tuna" fan as well. and STK's tuna brought back childhood memories. I am a tuna eater since I was a kiddo. (sinugbang buntot and panga ng tuna are simply the best in davao - because i am not a durian eater hehe)

STK's grilled buntot ng Tuna

STK's grilled panga ng Tuna (after the ruckus lolz)

my all time favorite - STK's baked scallops

STK before the ruckus

We ordered their sizzling gambas and the "chicharon-like-but-not-so-chicharon" dish as well. The sizzling gambas is okay but the "chicharon-like-but-not-so-chicharon" dish is superb. forgive me for i don't know what it's called and too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of it. but i have mentally added it to my list of favorites :)

visit STK ta Bay! at #6 Orchid Street Capitol Site Cebu, Philippines, 6000