"Nothing last forever...so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off and avoid the bullshits."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

my creepy little baby

just a couple of hours more before i'm going to finally meet my new baby...i already love him even if i haven't met him yet, oh that creepy little monster! i'm just so excited and can't wait to see him. meanwhile i'm watching helpful videos just like the one below (and not only because the narrator looks good and is kinda irresistible to watch but his videos are really helpful).

How to Choose a Pet Chaco Tarantula -- powered by eHow.com


Thursday, February 26, 2009

chocolate, probably better than sex

here's the story behind the title: i've joined a search for ms. "something" last friday the 13th, just this month. all of the contestants (there were ten of us) were asked a total of ten questions each. one of the question as i've remembered it, was:

"if you were an ice cream what flavor would you be and why?"

other contestants answered strawberry, rocky road etc. but i'm not satisfied with their reasons why. though i admit that i love strawberry flavored ice cream, it's just that i don't think it would do me any justice (kidding). so i was thinking, if i were an ice cream what flavor would i be and why? first thing comes to mind was the last ice cream that i've eaten late last month. that was after an early drinking session when frenk (my number 1 fan...lol) and i went to sm. frenk bought a pair of sandals and i bought a pair of flip flops. just before we went home i bought a cupful of chocolate truffle ice cream from Gelatissimo in SM Cebu (picture above). just tasted heaven from a little cup (this is me exaggerating...lol). going back to the search, after the question has been thrown at me and after my number has been called i immediately answered:

"if i were an ice cream i would be a chocolate truffle... simply because it is better than sex"

audience screamed as though they're on a tv show, so i stop and asked myself: was that my serious answer to that question? or was it just that i wanna give them a good show? well, probably chocolate is really better than sex but it might also be that i just wanna give them a good laugh. that's all!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

christmas in february

i wasn't able to celebrate christmas last december due to some reasons that i can no longer remember. so i promised myself to celebrate it some other time. and so here it comes, christmas in february (i guess i can just celebrate valentines in november...lol). what i did for christmas...
- i've decided to give away gifts to some of my close friends.

-i've treated my college friends to a night out with booze, girls and an awesome party.

- went to David's Salon so they could treat my eyebrows. they call it 'eyebrow threading' and it's so damn painful, so much painful than a heartbreak or getting a tattoo.. (*wink) but it's worth it. i shed a tear during the process because it really hurts.

- bought myself a gift. it's not that much but i've been wanting to have that dress for like a month now. the price is actually more than a day of work in the office but i didn't mind because i so damn deserved this gift (lol).

- and christmas won't be christmas without candies. bought a bag of candies from 'Candy Corner'. just love gummy bears and gummy false teeth...cool.

- what excites me the most about this month is this other gift that i am about to give to myself... (picture borrowed from Google)

and lastly i wanted to eat at my favorite restaurant. i badly miss Krua Thai's bagoong rice... i'm gonna go there i guess this weekend or may be next week... so this is how i've celebrated my own christmas in february. of course my family already had their share last december. this is just a crhistmas spent with me, myself and some friends...how did you spent yours? (lol)


Saturday, February 7, 2009

my broken smile and fake curls

have you heard of the quote that says "life must go on"? surely everybody does and as much as i don't want to...i'm still here, still breathing and still feeling the pain. i have been faking almost everything for days now. trying to look tough though everything inside of me is falling apart. pretending it's okay though everything is not alright. laughing though i'm crying inside. trying to forget but never cease to remember. dancing while dying.

i've managed to smile, despite the gloom but damn it...it shows off...it's broken. but NO i don't need anybody and YES i can fix this on my own. and another thing, i've been wearing this fake curls for like 5 days now and i am loving it. guess fake is not that bad after all eh!?